• Douglas Freeman

RNA Brand Entertainment News!

For news and updates we will Blog about all our content and scheduled events.

There's a new Podcast for us called, "Your Pop Culture Party Host". It's all things in pop media and entertainment.

We're working on getting Issue #2 of Kevin: The Drunk Jehdi ready for artwork. It's coming soon!

Also, Hangwire: Devil in His Eyes Issue #1 is ready for artwork completion.

Then we have new content on our pages and Kevin: The Drunk Jehdi, we also have a fan page for a fighting series for Television, Comic Book, Movie and Video Game characters, it's called "Versus".

More content and news can be seen on a daily basis here on our website.

Hope you enjoy the free content and our stores which are posted on Red Bubble and our print on demand books on Artithmeric or email us for our own printed books and prints ready for purchase.